What makes a dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a medical doctor with specialty training. After an undergraduate degree (4 years) and medical school (4 years)  we spend 5 years in an accredited dermatology residency program, learning all about skin health and disease. Like all specialist physicians in Canada, we pass a rigorous examination process to earn the designation “FRCPC”, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada. This amounts to 13 or more years of post-secondary training.


Dermatology is an exciting field, in that we deal with the body’s largest and most visible organ. This means that a trained eye can make diagnoses by reading the skin, often without invasive testing. There is a tremendous amount of preventive health in what we do, from skin cancer screening and early detection, to helping people age well, so that what they see in the mirror reflects how vibrant they feel on the inside.


As a medical and cosmetic dermatologist, I divide my time between general medical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology, and I am constantly reminded of how connected these two facets of my practice are. Unlike some medical conditions which patients can keep private, dermatologic disease is often in the public eye, thus presenting not just a health concern but an aesthetic concern as well. For the cosmetic consultation, the health of the patient and their skin always comes first, and we build upon this with our ability to prevent, rejuvenate and enhance.


Do all dermatologists perform cosmetic treatments?


Most dermatologists do some form of cosmetic treatments, such as removal of unwanted moles and skin tags, but not all perform the full range of injectable (Botox, filler, belkyra etc) and laser procedures available or carry skincare. Similarly, not all cosmetic dermatologists have a full medical practice. This is the wonderful thing about our specialty- we treat such a wide range of conditions that we can each tailor our practice to our interests and skill set.


Stay tuned for more information about how to manage common skin problems and the latest in the world of aesthetic medicine.

DERM Lab is Open!

We are happy to announce that DERM Lab is open in North Vancouver and we are seeing patients for in-person visits as well as select virtual visits. It hasn’t been quite the opening that Dr. Christina Scali, Dr. Kristin Noiles and I imagined, with the arrival of COVID-19 coinciding with the initial opening of our doors!  Now, after almost two months of mostly virtual visits and seeing only urgent cases in person, we are happy to be able to welcome patients to our new clinic. We have put in place safety strategies including pre-screening patients to ensure everyone is feeling well on the day of their appointment, mask wearing by everyone who enters the clinic, and hand sanitizing upon arrival. We are also taking extra cleaning precautions and operating at a lower patient volume than usual to allow for physical distancing of our patients.

We appreciate your patience while we catch up on the appointments that had to be rescheduled over the past two months, and we look forward to welcoming you to the new DERM Lab!

See my contacts page for location and details.


Shaking Up the North Shore Dermatology Scene

In partnership with two trusted dermatologist colleagues and Well Health Technologies I am in the thick of building a dermatology practice in Central Lonsdale to meet all of your medical and cosmetic dermatology needs.

We hope to be open by early 2020 at our new location. In the meantime I have select dates available for medical and cosmetic dermatology consultations.

If you have been wondering about improving your skin health or rejuvenating your skin, now is the time. Contact us; I look forward to meeting you.