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Dr. Alex Kuritzky, MD, FRCPC

From a young age, growing up here on the North Shore, Dr. Kuritzky knew that she wanted to be a dermatologist. She observed the positive transformation skin treatments delivered for her family and friends and thought, “I want to do that”. Fast forward a few decades, and Dr. Kuritzky is honoured today to be part of her patients’ journey to skin health and confidence.

After her undergrad at McGill, followed by medical school at University of Toronto, and finally her dermatology residency in Ottawa, Dr. Kuritzky moved back home with her husband and two young sons. She began her practice at a leading Vancouver-based dermatology clinic where she trained further in cosmetic and laser dermatology. Finally, the dream of DERM Lab was born and with her colleagues in partnership with Well Health Clinics, she established North Vancouver’s first full-service medical and cosmetic dermatology clinic in 2020.

Dr. Kuritzky is a Clinical Instructor with the Department of Dermatology and Skin Science at UBC. She teaches medical students in her practice, and is a regular lecturer for the dermatology residents at UBC. She has published on a range of topics in dermatology, speaks regularly at conferences and has appeared on local television and in print as a skin expert.

When not at DERM Lab, Dr. Kuritzky enjoys being active outdoors with her family (in sun protective clothing, of course!): hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, gardening and keeping chickens. Her young sons think that it’s perfectly normal to swim with a hat on and understand that you do need sunscreen on rainy days. She loves to travel and is fluent in English and French.


Pre Bridal Skin Treatments

Dr. Alex Kuritzky, North Vancouver Cosmetic Dermatologist, discusses skin treatments that can help you get that glow leading up to your wedding.

Skin care, laser treatments, botox, treatments for men, and the importance of feeling comfortable with the doctor you chose before your big day are discussed on this segment from the Marc and Mandy show, 2022.

Values to live by


Listening to each patient’s concerns, learning about their unique situation and honouring what they find important. Connecting emotionally with patients and understanding how to best communicate with them. Creating a customized treatment plan based on their specific needs.


Taking ownership of a situation, especially when it fails. Making every effort to resolve a concern to attain best results. Being 100% responsible for our actions and the effect they have on others. Committing to doing our best and keeping an honest dialogue about it.


Respecting each other at the highest level, between patients and staff at the clinic. Listening to each patient and understanding that they know themselves best. Each patient’s individual choices are honoured and incorporated into the treatment plan.


Being honest and upfront. Telling patients the truth of each process and allowing them to choose what is right for them. Providing an in-depth discussion of treatment plans so they can anticipate expected results and make an informed decision.


Providing expert skin care as well as medical and aesthetic treatments that are backed by science. Putting skin health and measurable results above trendy treatments. Patients are given the time to receive options specific to their needs, understand the process and choose the best way forward.

Natural Appearance

Respecting people in the way they want to look. Pointing to the direction of an aesthetic that’s natural and real. This allows others to connect with you and not your features. The goal is to look rested, rejuvenated and the best version of yourself.

Treatments & Services

Cosmetic consultation

New patients are invited to book an initial consultation to discuss their goals. Dr. Kuritzky’s process is to listen to your concerns and get a thorough understanding of what is important to you. Treatment plans are crafted with care and customized to suit your needs. Whether you have a specific treatment in mind or aren’t sure where to start, Dr. Kuritzky is committed to guide you towards healthier, more radiant skin and to deliver the best results.

Botox® & Dysport®

Neuromodulators soften lines by relaxing the muscles of facial expression. Common goals are to look refreshed and diminish the appearance of negative emotions such as tiredness, anger or sadness. When done skillfully, natural facial expressions are maintained and enhanced. Treatment takes about 15 minutes and results last 3-4 months. Expect to look and feel refreshed and receive comments like “you look well rested”.


Fillers restore and add volume to the skin to improve facial contour, soften deeper lines and highlight facial features. The goal is a natural appearance at rest as well as with movement and expression. Depending on your treatment plan, sessions may be 30-60 minutes. Treatment can be done incrementally over several visits to allow a gradual transformation to occur. Expect to feel empowered as you take control over how you want to look and receive comments like “have you done something different with your hair?”.


Skinboosters are hyaluronic acid products that are injected throughout the cheeks and neck to hydrate the skin, reduce appearance of fine lines and improve complexion. They can also improve acne scars, decrease facial redness and treat necklace lines (neck wrinkles). Expect your pores to shrink and your complexion to glow 2-4 weeks after treatment. Skinboosters do not change your facial shape, they address skin quality. Compliments like “your skin looks really healthy” will follow.

Cosmetic mole
and other benign lesion removal

Dr. Kuritzky believes strongly that diagnosis is key before lesions are removed. For benign lesions, many options exist for cosmetic removal, including cryosurgery (freezing with liquid nitrogen), electrosurgery, laser and surgery. If you have skin lesions you wish to say goodbye to, come in for a consultation to learn what options you have to safely take charge of your skin.

Excel V+ Laser

Excel V+ truly excels in targeting red tones in the skin which are the result of superficial blood vessels, sometimes termed “broken capillaries”. With minimal discomfort and downtime, this laser targets these vessels to eliminate them. Rosacea, acne, redness and sun damage on the neck, chest and in scars can also be beautifully treated. Expect to see a clearer complexion, reduce the need to wear makeup, feel an increase in self-confidence and receive comments such as “your skin is looking great!”.

Laser Genesis

This no-downtime, comfortable treatment targets microvasculature to decrease facial redness and stimulate collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve complexion. In addition to traditional Genesis 1064nm, the Excel V+ also offers Genesis 532 which further targets redness and brown tones. Treatments are best delivered as a package of 6 and are spaced 2-3 weeks apart. Expect to enjoy smoother, firmer skin with a healthy glow and the compliments you receive for it.

Secret Pro

Secret Pro uniquely combines fractional CO2 laser and radio frequency microneedling for safe and effective treatment of wrinkles, fine lines, texture, photodamage, acne scars, and stretch marks. Collagen production is enhanced through skin resurfacing. Treatments are tailored to your desired outcome and downtime, depending on whether you are in need of prejuvenation or a more corrective treatment. Ask us what potential Secret Pro can unlock for your skin.


Submental fat (a.k.a. “double chin”) is genetic in addition to fluctuating with weight. Many individuals struggle with stubborn fat in this area that is not responsive to diet or exercise. Belkyra® is a series of injectable treatments which dissolves excess submental fat to refine and rejuvenate the jaw line. Treatments take 15 minutes and are spaced 2 months apart. Expect to feel more confident as you appreciate a more youthful, defined jawline and receive comments such as “have you lost weight?” or “what are you doing differently?”.

Botox® for Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a common condition that can leave you feeling self-conscious. Botox® is approved for the treatment of axillary (underarm) hyperhidrosis and also effectively treats palms, soles, and other areas of the body. Injections every 3-6 months can keep you dry and your clothes sweat-stain free. Imagine a huge boost in self-confidence as you experience the ability to choose your wardrobe without worrying about sweat.


Dr. Kuritzky’s goal is to provide you with a skincare plan that is an enjoyable part of your daily self-care routine, and one that contributes to your vibrant skin health. She has curated a selection of product lines that are backed by science and deliver lasting results. From cleansers and exfoliants, to antioxidants, collagen treatments, moisturizers, lip care and sunscreens, she can guide you in creating a simple yet effective medical grade skincare plan.

Latisse® treatment
for eyelash growth

Latisse® is the only prescription treatment for eyelash growth, easily used in the comfort of your home. Applied nightly to the upper eyelash margin, it is clinically shown to lengthen and darken your lashes and give you longer, fuller eyelashes. Within 3 months, you can expect to have more defined eyes and restore a younger look.

Skinbetter Products

We have partnered with Skinbetter Science to feature their scientifically advanced and award-winning products.

We offer in-person consultation for all of our skincare products. The Skinbetter line can also be purchased online for your convenience.

Skinbetter Products

We have partnered with Skinbetter Science to feature their scientifically advanced and award-winning products.

We offer in-person consultation for all of our skincare products. The Skinbetter line can also be purchased online for your convenience.

Before & After

Treatment of the upper face

This patient in her 30s was bothered by lines on her forehead present at rest and by frown lines. Botox® treatment of the forehead and glabella with an expert touch relaxes the muscles of facial expression just enough to soften lines, but leaving natural facial expressions intact. The result is a smooth forehead and a well-rested appearance.

Laser acne treatment

This young woman was frustrated with her acne treatment and was seeking more immediate resolution of her acne flare and redness. Shown here are her results 2 weeks after a single treatment with Nd:YAG 1064nm laser. She had no downtime and was amazed at how quickly her acne settled and her redness resolved. Laser treatment of acne can be combined with prescription treatments or used alone as a series of treatments spaced 2-3 weeks apart. 

Rejuvenation of the eye area

This patient’s skin care goal was to refresh the eye area and look less tired. We accomplished this first with Botox® treatment of the upper face, followed by Juvederm Volbella® filler treatment in the tear trough area under the eyes. As a result, the lines in her upper face softened and the tear trough area was rejuvenated to improve light reflection and diminish the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. The overall effect is a natural well-rested appearance.

Melasma treatment

This young mother developed melasma after pregnancy. She was frustrated that despite sunscreen and other skin treatments, she was not able to resolve it. Shown here are results at 3 months using a carefully custom-tailored melasma skincare plan. This included a prescription as well as medical-grade skincare, along with specific instructions as to how and when to apply each product. The patient is now thrilled with clearer, brighter skin and does not feel the need to wear makeup.

Patient experiences

Dr. Kuritzky and her staff at DERM Lab are some of the most professional, respectful, and knowledgeable people. Dr. Kuritzky is an absolute skin expert and I would not trust anyone else with my skin. She is polite, always takes her time explaining treatments, and has amazing bedside manner. The clinic is beautiful, clean, and comfortable. Thank you Dr. Kuritzky and the DERM Lab staff for improving my quality of life and optimizing my skin health. I can never thank them enough!
Tanner Allen
What I love about Dr. Kuritzky is that she gives me a choice for what I want to do.
Adelaide, age 8
Twenty years of dealing with psoriasis finally resolved when I turned to Dr. Kuritzky at Derm Lab. I’ve had good dermatologists in the past, but my results with Dr. Kuritzky have been simply great! I can wear shorts again with confidence. Dr. Kuritzky is up to date on all the latest techniques and medications which has resulted in massive improvements in my skin issues. Even though I live across the city, I gladly travel to Derm Lab on the North Shore for her continued great care.
M. Silmont
I am so happy to have found Dr. Kuritzky and have her as my dermatologist. Dr. Kuritzky has paid incredible attention to both the health and appearance of my skin, resulting in my skin feeling and looking the best it has in years. I trust her completely with my skin now and in the future.
Patricia S.
Dr. Kuritzky is very knowledgeable and attentive. I have seen her for dermatology and cosmetic procedures and would highly recommend her.
When I met Dr. Kuritzky I felt comfortable knowing that she had the knowledge of both Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology. I have been seeing her for the last 5 years for various treatments both medical and cosmetic. When it comes to your face you want to make sure you pick someone you can trust. Dr. Kuritzky is professional, sweet and kind, a knowledgeable injector who always gives me the results I am looking for, relaxed and refreshed. I trust her totally and I highly recommend Dr. Kuritzky to anyone looking for a professional and friendly service.
I feel tremendously lucky to have been referred to Dr. Kuritzky. She is an amazing dermatologist with all the qualities you want in a doctor. She is extremely knowledgeable, empathetic, honest and skilled. She removed a mole so quickly and painlessly, I didn't even realize that the procedure was over until she brought out the bandaid. She has helped me navigate the biopsy of a basal cell carcinoma and ensured I was referred to a specialist whom she had personally vetted for my surgery. I would 100 percent recommend her to anyone looking for a dermatology consult. In fact, I already have. I especially appreciate her calm and confident demeanor and great bedside manner.
Chelsea B.

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“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

Coco Chanel

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